How Rafmatic Works

There are 2 ways to benefit from being a member of Rafmatic.

1. Earn money by getting referrals.
You can look through the refer a friend programs on the Rafmatic site. When you find a service you want to use, just check the box, click the submit button and we will match you up with one of our members that belongs to the referral program. When you verify that you have signed up for the program we send the funds directly to your Back account or PayPal account. There is no limit to how many programs you can sign up for referrals from.

How Rafmatic WorksClick above to watch a quick 2 minute video tutorial

2. We Find People Who Want Referrals.  You Earn Money and Benefits by being the Referer.
There are thousands of opportunities to refer new customers to other businesses. But who has the time and energy to send out links to friends that can benefit from the services?  With Rafmatic, you just agree to pay a small fee that is less than the benefit you receive.  In order to get customers to sign up for the referrals, we pay money to the person getting the referral.  There is no limit on how many different referral programs you can enter into your account.  The more referral programs you enter, the more money you can earn.

Everybody wins!  The company gets a new customer from a referral program they already have in place, the referrer gets the benefit the refer a friend program offers, and the person getting the referral gets cash! Rafmatic just matches up referring members with members looking for referrals to great businesses..

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