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ADD… Its not just for kids anymore!

Are you experiencing this in your life?

  • Can’t seem to start a project.
  • Drift off during conversations
  • Tired of:
    • Loosing things
    • Being disorganized
    • Consistently Underachieving

Is it time to take charge of your life?

  • Find a structure or system that works for you.
  • Complete projects in an organized manner.
  • Connect deeply with the people in your life.

Do you have the courage to look deeply at yourself?

  • Your Attitudes
  • Your Values
  • Your Beliefs


Empower yourself towards your life’s true potential.

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Thom Cathcart



The truth is that we are in Absolute and Total Control of our lives!


Is this where you are now?

  • After a diagnosis many ADHD people are overwhelmed and have no where to turn.
  • Some of us live under the illusion that our lives are controlled by our environment.
  • Often ADHD people feel there is nothing they can do but be medicated and struggle on.
  • We believe that what we do and where we go is largely dictated by other people in our lives.
  • Unfortunately when we adhere to that illusion, it really only works out for everyone else.
  • We are left disconnected, disempowered and disenfranchised.

Are you ready to make a change?

Life coaching is a process where you begin to take control of your life
and make the changes that will create the difference in your life.

There are choices, there are options and living as an ADHD person can be a happy, satisfying and fulfilled life.

Though Holistic Life & ADHD Coaching you start to:

  • Create the life you truly want
  • Make the choices that serve your highest interests
  • And change those behaviors that have been destructive to your Happiness and Fulfillment.
  • Know that a diagnosis of ADHD is not a curse, but may be a blessing.